Four Chaplains Ceremony
  Boy Scouts from Troop #164 presented the Colors to open the ceremony.
  Our audience consisted of Veterans, local politicians, and first time visitors.
  2nd Vice Commander Gerry Knapp was the outstanding emcee for the afternoon.
  We were once again honored to have (l-r)Rev. John Bourcet, Rabbi Robert Weiner, Msgr
Thomas Sandi, and Mother Claire Woodley-Aitchison as our congregants.
  'Taps' was played by John McQuillan with Paul Martin standing by.
  Our wonderful team of clergy make this a special ceremony every year, (l-r) Rabbi Robert
Weiner, Msgr Thomas Sandi, Rev John Bourcet, Mother Claire Woodley-Aitchison.
A place set for those who still haven't returned.