Country House Vets Day Visit
On Veterans Day our Post visited with the residents of the Country House many of
whom are veterans.  We gave a short presentation on the military branches and their
flags and handed out Thank You Certificates to the veterans in residence there.  One
resident, Anthony Marzo, is a member of our Yorktown Post and we helped him
celebrate his 102nd birthday!
We always draw a full house at our presenations.
Tom Einwich (L) and Roger Thompson (R) do their best Vanna
White imitations as we show the flags.
Cmdr Knapp explains the history and significance of the individual
branch flags.
Yorktown Judges Lagonia and Raniolla, Town Supv Mike Grace,
and Councilman Lachterman attended as well.
Anthony Marzo is front and center as the birthday boy
should be at 102!
Anthony Marzo was also recognized by the Town of Yorktown for
reaching this historic mark inlife.
Cmdr Knapp presented Anthony with a certificate and a helmet
liner to keep his head warm just like the 'old days'!
A group shot of the veterans residing at the Country House.