Food Collection for
VA Food Pantry at Montrose
On September 26th, 2015,  16 Legionnaires from our Post conducted our annual
VA Food Pantry Collection at two supermarkets in Yorktown.  In just 4 short
hours we collected 16 shopping carts of food and $790 in cash donations.  100% of
everything we collect goes to the Pantry  to help the veterans in need using the
Food Pantry to survive with dignity in this difficult world.
Carl DiLberto, Rich calbo, and Terry DeVeau were out early to
collect food for the veterans using the VA Food Pantry.
Cmdr Knapp and Larry Qualter meet the customers on their way out
to collect the food donations.
Our Post collects food items at the two A&P Supermarkets in town to
make a difference in the lives of those Veterans in need.