Four Chaplains Ceremony
Living History students from Mildred Strang Middle School led by their teacher,
Chris DiPasquale, present the Colors to open the Ceremony.
Our Colors presented with honor.
A donated digital projector helped to add a multi-media presentation to the
Ceremony this year.
Rev. Dan O'Brien of Calvary Baptist Church lights a candle for one Chaplain.
Rev. Gene Ott of the United Methodist Church lights a Chaplains' candle.
Post Cmdr Gerald Knapp opens the Ceremonies.
Rabbi Robert Weiner of Temlple Beth AM lights a candle for a Chaplain.
Our Ceremony now draws over 100 people of all ages and interests.
Following the ceremony Post member Bill Lewis presented awards to Al Laughlin
PPC(here) and Patrick McDonough from the Chapel of the Four Chaplains in
Philadelphia, PA for their work in the Post and the community.
A final salute by the family and fellow Post members of those who were lost
during the past year ended our 2nd annual Post Everlasting Ceremony following
the Four Chaplains Ceremony.
Patrick McDonough and Al Laughlin, PPC with their awards from the Chapel of
the Four Chaplains.