Abandoned Cemetery Rehabilitation
"Leave No Veteran Unremembered" is the project to restore the abandoned Groveville
Methodist Cemetery in Cortlandt Manor.  This cemetery was abandoned when the Croton
Reservoir was filled and flooded the village.  The cemetery faded into oblivion until local
Yorktown resident Robert Burke spearheaded the initiative to clean-up and restore this
final resting place for 9 Civil War Veterans and about 30 local residents.  Our Yorktown
Post members and local residents have teamed up to clean out the 70+ years of
overgrowth and neglect.  Now people passing by on Croton Ave can see  the graves they
never realized were there.
Above photo shows the before view - Notice near the top of the broken tree trunk at right the three
headstones barely visible under the brush and also top center in background two more headstones
can be seen.
Below photo - after lots of clearing the hidden 3 headstones are now visible with the other two to
the left but more importantly now you can also see 8 additional headstones that were hidden under
the overgrowth.
Above photo shows the before view - Follow the dark wood vine up and above the fork you can see
one headstone.

Below photo - after lots of clearing the headstone is visible at far right with four other headstones.
Here are the dedicated volunteers who gave up some time to restore this abandoned cemetery
back to a respected final resting place.