Honor Flag Program
Our Post's Honor Flag program was started because many families
have their loved one's burial flags stored in their attics or someplace
our of the way unsure of what to do with them.  This program allows
the family of a deceased veteran to have their loved one's flag flown
right in the center of Yorktown where all can see and appreciate
their military service.  After the flag has been flown for a three week
period the family can witness the ceremony as their flag is lowered
and folded with ceremony.  The families then can have their flag
returned to them or the flag can be included in our Yorktown Post's
flag retirement ceremony usually held in June of each year.
Lois Osterling (7th from left) had three flags flown by the Post.  One for
her father, one for her husband, and the third for her brother-in-law.
A Yorktown citizen donated the flags of each of the US military
branches to the program.  Now when our Post raises an Honor Flag
we fly the flag of the branch of service the veteran served in below
their flag as well.