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Welcome to the Westchester County American Legion
website home page.

The Westchester County American Legion spans
throughout our county with 46 local Posts and over 3,380
Legionnaires.  It is an incredible challenge to keep every
Legionnaire up-to-date and informed on the issues that
effect every one of them.  Our primary source of
information for our members is our quarterly newsletter,
The Westchester Legionnaire.  This an award winning and
informative newsletter that is published quarterly and
mailed out to our membership.  This is done at great
expense with the printing and mailing costs involved.  The
need for our County to embrace a faster, less-expensive
way to communicate with our Legionnaires in this fast
paced world we live in is extremely important if our
organization is to remain a strong proponent of veterans
issues.  This is where this website and hopefully a future
e-Newsletter are being tested to increase the exchange of
information between our local Posts and their Legionnaires
and the Westchester County American Legion leadership.
Bear with us as our County's Committees learn to use the
website to get information for their events.  They will see
that everyone can check in and print required information
from these pages very quickly as opposed to calling and
waiting for it to be mailed out to them.
One page on our site has the Westchester County and 9th
District American Legion meetings listed so anyone can
come and take part in running their American Legion.  The
recuperative parties at the Montrose VA Hospital have their
own page so individual Legionnaires can see where and
when they can go and help on their own if their Post isn't
able to participate as a group.
Check out our Bulletin Board page where the notices and
events are listed like an old-style bulletin board, except we
have links attached to give more information and show
registration forms for our member's needs.
Of course, we know veterans will be using these pages to
see what we are up to and might possibly wish to contact
or join their local Post.  To help them we have listed all
Westchester County American Legion Posts with
information for anyone to contact or visit them.
We ask every veteran to explore these pages and let us
know what you find good, bad, or missing - so we can
make this a site a place you could go to regularly for
information and would want to refer others to proudly.
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