Post Events Schedule

Wed08/107:30 PMCounty Legion meeting at Post
Sun08/211 PMPost Summer BBQ
Sat08/279 AMHonor Flag Ceremony at Post
Thu09/017:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting
Tue09/067 PMPost Executive Committee meeting
Thu09/087:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Fri09/094:15 PMYorktown Grange Fair Flag-raising Ceremony
Sat09/179 AMHonor Flag Ceremony at Post
Tue10/047 PMPost Executive Committee meeting
Thu10/067:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Sat10/089 AM to 11 AMWorld T.E.A.M. Sports Bike Ride
Sun10/0911 AM to 5 PMYorktown Street Fair
Thu10/137:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Sat10/159 AMHonor Flag Ceremony at Post
Sat10/299 AMHonor Flag Ceremony at Post
Tue11/017 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu11/037:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting
Thu11/107:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Fri11/1111 AMVeterans Day Ceremony at Pinesbridge Monument
Sun11/132 PMVeterans Day Parade - Meet at Lakeland HS at 1:40 PM.
Thu12/017:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting
Tue12/067 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Sun12/111 PMPost Holiday Party (Meting Cancelled)
Tue01/037 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu01/057:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting
Thu01/127:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Thu02/027:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting
Sun02/052 PM4 Chaplain's Ceremony with Post Everlasting Ceremony following
Tue02/077 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu02/097:30 PMPost Monthly meeting
Thu03/027:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting - form Election Committee
Tue03/077 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu03/097:30 PMPost Monthly meeting - form Election Committee
Tue04/047 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu04/067:30 PMSAL#1009 meeting - Nominations from the Floor
Thu04/137:30 PMPost Monthly meeting - Nominations from the Floor
Sun04/3011 AMPost Spring Brunch
Tue05/027 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu05/047:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting - Officer Elections
Thu05/117:30 PMPost Monthly meeting - Officer Elections
Fri05/26TBAFlags In at Yorktown cemeteries
Sat05/27TBAFlags In at Yorktown cemeteries
Sat05/279 AM to 1 PMPoppy Fundraiser at local supermarkets
Mon05/2911 AMMemorial Day Parade - form-up at Yorktown Town Hall at 10:40 AM
Mon05/2912:15 PMVeterans Commemorative Brick Dedication
Thu06/017:30 PMSAL #1009 meeting - Installation of Officers
Tue06/067 PMExecutive Committee meeting
Thu06/087:30 PMPost Monthly meeting - Installation of Officers
Sat06/1012 noonCounty Convention at Katonah Post #1575
SatTBA9 AMFlag Retirement Ceremony at Yorktown FD Carnival Grounds