Honor Flag Program

We heed the words of our first Commander-in-Chief, General George
Washington, who in 1798 said –

“The willingness with which our young
people will fight in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly
proportional to how they perceive that Veterans of earlier wars were
treated and appreciated by their country.”

Gen. George Washington, Commander-in-Chief

When a U.S. Veteran dies they are entitled to a “burial flag” (5’ x 9’), issued by the Veterans Administration to cover their casket in grateful thanks for their military service to our country. The mission of the American Legion is to preserve the memories of those men and women who served their Country with honor.

It is therefore fitting that we honor these Veterans by raising their burial flags over Veterans Memorial Park to honor their military service. Families with Veteran’s burial flags can contact our Post at #914-510-2975 to arrange for participation in this Honor Flag program. Our Post members will conduct a short ceremony with the family present while raising the flag on the flagpole and again while lowering it with ‘Taps’ playing. Flags will fly for a three week period during the months of April through November. Upon lowering of their flag each family can choose to have the flag returned to them, or have it retired during the American Legion’s Flag Retirement Ceremony each June. A certificate is placed in the display case at the base of the flagpole while each flag is flying to inform everyone of the Veteran being honored with their flag flying aloft.

Families with Veteran’s burial flags can arrange for participation in the Honor Flag program by contacting our Post at #914-510-2975.

Military Tribute Banners and Fields of Honor flags are not part of this program and questions regarding these two programs should be referred to the Sons of the American Legion Squadron #1009 at email: SAL1009@nylegion1009.org.

Honor Flags Flown

Peter PizzucoUS Marine CorpsOther8/06/2022
Lawrence IusoUS ArmyKorea6/25/2022
Anthony R. CapitelliUS ArmyWWII9/21/2019
Vincent CaporaleUS NavyWWII8/24/2019
Casper FaughnanUS ArmyWWII8/03/2019
Clifford BrunelliUS Air ForceLebanon/Grenada7/13/2019
Louis SaracenoUS ArmyKorea6/22/2019
Vincent GrimaudoUS ArmyKorea6/01/2019
Liborio 'Lee' DeFrancescoUS ArmyVietnam5/04/2019
Joseph LarsenUS NavyKorea4/13/2019
James McKeonUS NavyWWII4/22/2017
Vincent FarrellUS NavyWWII10/15/2016
James F GuerraUS ArmyKorea9/24/2016
Salvatore PuglieseUS ArmyWWII8/06/2016
Walter F. EinwichUS ArmyWWII7/09/2016
Charles OstlingUS ArmyWWII6/04/2016
Algot M. OstlingUS ArmyWWII5/07/2016
Lester A. CornellUS ArmyWWI4/16/2016
Pasquale AmorusoUS ArmyWWII10/17/2015
David WhiteUS NavyVietnam10/03/2015
James FrancisUS Marine CorpsVietnam10/31/2015
Harold GilbertUS ArmyWWII9/19/2015
Gerald M. KnappUS Army Air ForceWWII9/05/2015
Sabastian D. WhalenUS NavyWWI8/22/2015
Theodore DobrowolskiUS Army Air ForceWWII8/08/2015