Yorktown American Legion Post #1009

Yorktown American Legion Post #1009 has been active in the Yorktown, New York community since it’s chartering in 1928. The Post and its membership has teamed up with other Yorktown civic organizations like the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and Garden Club for events that were mutually beneficial in recent years. The Post has had a long tradition of supporting Scouting and continues that to this day by sponsoring BSA Troop #1776 and co-sponsoring two BSA Troop #164’s (one boys and one girls). The Post also sponsors Cub Scout Pack #251 based out of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. In 2019 our Yorktown Post successfully launched a Sons of The American Legion Squadron #1009 consisting of sons and grandsons of U.S. veterans that helps with various American Legion programs.

Some of our Yorktown Post’s programs include:

Veterans Commemorative Park – In 2013 our Post updated its ‘curb appeal’ and replaced the drab flagpole plaza out in front of the Post with a new brick plaza. The new red bricks were a nice touch to begin with, but the Post offered the opportunity for residents to buy bricks engraved with their veteran loved ones name’s and military information to honor their military service. In 2020, the Post was honored to install its 500th Veterans Commemorative Brick in the plaza. The funds raised from the sale of these engraved commemorative bricks is donated to local veteran-related charities. This program allows families to honor their veterans, living or deceased, and help other veterans at the same time.

Honor Flag Program – Since 2016, Yorktown Post members have offered this program to fly the burial flags of deceased veterans on the flagpole at Jack DeVito Veterans Memorial Track & Field on Veterans Road. Many families have these folded US flags on display at home and are unsure what to do with them after many years. The Post will schedule a ceremony with the family present where these veteran’s flags are raised and flown with all due respect. After a three week period of flying, the flag will be ceremonially lowered as ‘Taps’ is played. The family can have the folded flag returned to them, or they can have it added to our Post’s annual Flag Retirement Ceremony each June.

Memorial Day Parade – The Yorktown Memorial Day Parade is organized on alternating years by the Yorktown American Legion Post (even years) and the Yorktown Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8328 (odd years).

Veterans Day Parade – The annual Veterans Day Parade in Shrub Oak is held on the second Sunday in November and was founded by a Yorktown Post member. The current Parade is organized by a member of our Sons of The American Legion Squadron #1009.

Four Chaplains Ceremony – Our Yorktown Post has a long tradition of honoring the Four Immortal Chaplains lost at sea on February 3rd, 1943 when their US troopship was torpedoed and sunk in the icy North Atlantic on route to Europe. The Chaplains handed out life-vests until they ran out and then gave up their own vests that night knowing full well the meaning of doing so. The Chaplains were seen praying out loud linked arm-in-arm with their shipmates as the ship slipped beneath the waves. This ceremony has grown to include participation from four prominent local clergy who ‘stand-in’ for these four US Army Chaplains who were lost while saving others that night. This story is an inspiring one of faith and sacrifice.