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2023 - 2024 Post Executive Committee

Post CommanderCarl T. DiLibertoVietnam Era Veteran
1st Vice Cmdr(Open)
2nd Vice CmdrTontabeta 'Robbie' Robinson-Galbraith
3rd Vice CmdrJohn McQuillanVietnam Era Veteran
Financial OfficerLawrence ArmstrongVietnam Era Veteran
Committee MemberJohn GunnVietnam Era Veteran
Committee MemberRocco SaliernoVietnam Era Veteran
Committee MemberPatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veteran
Committee MemberSteven RiceVietnam Era Veteran
Committee Member(Open)

2023 - 2024 Committees & Positions

AdjutantPatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veteran
Hall ManagersVincent FaggellaVietnam Era Veteran
Hall ManagersRobert RaphaelKorean Era Veteran
Membership CommitteeCarl T. DiLibertoVietnam Era Veteran
Membership CommitteePOSITION OPEN
Building & Grounds CommitteePatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veterans
Parade CommitteeRobbi Galbraith
Commemorative Brick CommitteeWilliam Bertram
Rocco Salierno
Vietnam Era Veteran Vietnam Era Veteran
Sons of The American LegionLawrence Armstrong
Patrick McDonough
Vietnam Era Veteran
Lebanon/Grenada Era Veteran
Boys State ChairJohn WittVietnam Era Veteran
Empire Girls State ChairJohn WittVietnam Era Veteran
American Legion Oratorical Contest ChairJohn WittVietnam Era Veteran
Honor Flag ChairPatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veteran
Rendering Honors ChairPatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veteran
Post e-Newsletter and Website ChairPatrick McDonoughLebanon/Grenada Era Veteran