Veterans Commemorative Park

Yorktown’s American Legion Post #1009 was chartered on May 1, 1931. The Post has remained in operation since that date providing support and service to both veterans and the Yorktown community since.

The need for veteran support today is greater than ever with many of our men and women veterans returning home with terrible wounds requiring long-term rehabilitation and career training. Others suffer from the long-term effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which requires continuous care and treatment.

Our Post has committed itself to raising funds to provide support and services for these brave survivors and their families. To assist us in this endeavor our Yorktown Post designed and recently dedicated a Veterans Commemorative Park adjacent to our Post building to remember our community’s veterans. These unique Commemorative Bricks can be ordered with your veteran’s name and service information engraved into them. These engraved bricks are installed into a beautiful plaza where our American Legion Post flies our nation’s ensign around the clock. The Park is surrounded by our Post’s monuments, restored WWI cannon, and a decorative wall displaying the emblems of our country’s Armed Forces. These are not memorial bricks, but Commemorative Bricks and can be installed for both living and deceased veterans to honor their service to our country. These beautiful bricks can be ordered at any time during the year and will be installed into our plaza before Memorial Day each year. Our annual Brick Dedication Ceremony conducted following the Memorial Day Parade in Yorktown is held to dedicate the bricks added during the past year. It is also the day our Post donates the proceeds from the sale of these bricks to local veteran-related charities. Every brick ordered honors one veteran and also helps other veterans through these charities.

Brick order forms can be picked up from our Yorktown Post Hall or you can download and print one from the link below.

Funds raised from this program will continue to be donated to veterans-related charities as in the past (See below).

As of Memorial Day 2022, this program has allowed our Yorktown Post #1009 to donate $28,235 to help the work of these organizations:

Veteran CharityTotal Donations
Montrose VA Food Pantry$10,000
My Brother Vinny$6,650
United for the Troops$4,300
Fischer House Foundation$2,500
Montrose VA Clothing Store$1,910
Operation Comfort Warriors$1,000
The White Heart Organization$500
Wounded Warrior Project$500
Westchester County American Legion Rehab Committee for patient pizza parties at Montrose VA$275
Hudson Valley Honor Flight$250
2 Ft Stewart Airmen fire victims$250
The Salvation Army$100